Monday, 25 February 2019


Real Name: Mickey Gonzalez
Membership: Alliance of Awesomeness
Relatives: none known
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, USA

Former aliases: Dustmaster 
Base of Operations: Ironhaven, USA
First Appearance: Alliance of Awesomeness #2
Background: Mickey Gonzalez was exposed to a meteorite that fell through the roof of his house. The meteorite contained alien life-forms that created hard rock shells for themselves from ambient dust particles. These life forms bonded with Mickey and gave him the power to create rock formations out of dust. Taking the name Dustmaster, Mickey hired himself out as a rent-a -hero, and successfully helped battle crime in his neighbourhood. Unfortunately, he didn't declare his income from super-heroing, and was captured by the FBI and IRS, and placed in prison. 

During a super-criminal breakout in his prison, Mickey was approached by Aphid, who suggested he join his team of superheroes. Mickey agreed, changing his name to Ore and learning to cover his body in a much harder and denser rock in order to appear different. Still a wanted fugitive, Mickey is able to continue his crime-fighting career as Ore alongside the Alliance of Awesomeness. 
Height: 178cm
Weight: 90kg
Strength: Ore possesses the normal strength of a man his age and build who engages in regular exercise.
Powers and abilities: In conjunction with the alien life-forms that he came into contact with, Ore has the power to take ambient dust particles and combine them top create a solid rock. This rock is incredibly strong, and can take any shape that Ore wishes it to.
It takes a conscious effort to maintain this rock and without willing them to remain in existence the formations will disintegrate back into dust after about an hour. Ore uses these rocks to cover himself in a strong armour that is able to deflect bullets, although it will not insulate him from heavy blows. 
Ore often uses rocks to create ladders and staircases, to entrap opponents, and to hurl rocks. The extent of his power to create rocks is only limited by his creatvity. 

CT stats: Ore's abilities are: Ranged long, Block, Hinder (long range), Extra movement
Move: 9", Close Combat: 3W, Ranged combat: 3W, @12", Defence: 2W + 1R.

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