Saturday, 16 November 2019

The Sun King Attacks!

In this exciting issue:

The Sun King has been hired by the Proud Pound Pups gang to take out an informant. The only problem for the villain is that he has the time and place of where the informant will be, but the chapter of the PPP he is liaising with have been taken out by Captain Kiwi and Samurai Mouse. As a result, the Sun King has no idea who his target is. So in his typically methodical way, he and his court are to kill everybody in the area!
Captain Kiwi and Samurai Mouse, getting this info from their recent raid, are heading for the scene!

The intersection where the informant will be.

The Sun King and his Courtiers stride down the middle of the street, guns ready!

Captain Kiwi and Samurai Mouse appear from the other en of the street.

Before killing the civilians, the Courtiers must move into base to base contact and say 'This is from the PPP, nark!'. The first civilian goes down.

On the other side o the street another one bites the dust!

And so does the first victim's lovely companion! 'Captain Kiwi - Help!'

Charging across the street, CK clobbers a Courtier and sends him reeling backwards.

The SUn King himself comes forward to blast Captain Kiwi with his Solar gauntlets!

CK avoids the beams damage and counter -charges, knocking the Sun King back!

With 3 on 1 Captain Kiwi is outnumbered, but shrugs off a few bullets and knocks out a Courtier.

Followed by a second devastating attack on the Sun King himself! The arch-villain is down!

Meanwhile, Samurai Mouse is also in the action. He fronts up to a Courtier in the middle of the intersection. In the background another civilian is shot down...

CK deals with the last Courtier in his vicinity, then rushes to the aid of a civilian.

This time, the civvie had been tustling with the Courtier, an it was easy for Captain Kiwi to take the crim down!

Samurai Mouse deals to the Courtier

The charges through and takes down the last of the Sun King's retinue
At the end of the game I rolled for the Sun King, who managed to revive and escape while his opponents were otherwise distracted. There were 10 civilians on the board at the start of the game, and four had been killed. I rolled a D10. On a 1-4 the informant was one of the victims. On a 5+ they had survived. I rolled a 1. The informant had been the first guy assassinated. So victory in this game went to the baddies, despite all of them having their butts handed to them.

Captain Kiwi with his nanite regeneration bots gets 3 red dice in defence, so every time he was hit he shrugged it off. It makes him damn hard to take down. He also got a lot of reactivation face cards, which enabled him to be suitably heroic. He got some lucky breaks, but I need to run him in another game to work out if he is just too resilient. All of the Courtiers are Level 2 characters in Clobberin' Time. I find that henchmen need this or they last about 10 seconds in the game.

Friday, 5 April 2019

Mr Anarchy's punks

Membership: Burp Inc
Base of Operations: Burp Towers
First Appearance: Alliance of Awesomeness #3
Background: Mr Anarchy's punks are a highly trained anarchist militia who are utterly devoted to serving him. Any operation which Mr Anarchy undertakes will have a group of these punks included to help him. With a wide range of punks with various different skills, Mr Anarchy will usually select just the right people for any mission. Due to the nature of the Dimensional shunt that enables Mr Anarchy to travel to other dimensions, it seems that he is unable to transport more than half a dozen punks to another dimension at any one time. 

Weapons and skills: The punks are well trained in the use of various firearms. Many specialise in sabotage, theft and assassination. Some are trained in martial arts, others are natural brawlers. 

CT stats: Basic Punk abilities are:  Ranged Medium
Move: 6", Close Combat: 2W, Ranged combat: 2W, @ 6" , Defence: 2W.
Heavy Weapons punk: Ranged Long
Move: 6", Close combat 2W (weak), Ranged combat: 2R @12", Defence: 2W (weak)

Friday, 15 March 2019

Mr Anarchy

Real Name: Baz Burp
Membership: Burp Inc
Relatives: none known
Place of Birth: Anarchy-World (alternative dimension)

Base of Operations: Burp Towers
First Appearance: Alliance of Awesomeness #3
Background: Baz Burp comes from the dimension known here as Anarchy World - an alternative Earth where there are no governments, due to his ability to effectively destabilise every nation on the planet. This has made him extremely powerful, however he has not used this power to become the controller of the planet, rather he has stayed true to his ideals and kept the planet in a constant state of anarchy. With the invention of a dimensional portal device, Baz Burp has made it his mission to travel to other worlds and spread his anarchic doctrine where ever he can. This has brought him into conflict with the Alliance of Awesomeness on more than one occasion.

Baz Burp has yet to be apprehended, as his dimension hopper has always enabled him to escape when defeated. 

Height: 177cm 
Weight: 75kg 
Strength: Mr Anarchy possesses the strength of a normal human male who engages in regular exercise.
Powers and abilities: Mr Anarchy possesses a dimension hopper which enables him to move between dimensions. He can use this to teleport himself, although only to places within line of sight so that his computer can calculate co-ordinates accurately. He also carries what he terms a 'zappy-stick', which can discharge powerful electro-magnetc blasts.

Mr Anarchy is extremely intelligent, an excellent strategist and able to inspire absolute devotion in the punks who follow him.

CT stats: Mr Anarchy's abilities are: Teleport, Ranged Medium, Leader
Move: 6", Close Combat: 3W, Ranged combat: 3W, @ 6" , Defence: 3W.

Saturday, 2 March 2019

Alliance of Awesomeness Issue # 3

Today's exciting issue of the Alliance of Awesomeness, brought to you by NDC comics and Clobberin' Time!

An obscure figure and his gang have been turning up around the world, causing havoc, breaking and entering, stealing things, and then disappearing. Aphid has worked out that the culprits are teleporting in from another dimension. Due to the dimensional hop process he is able to triangulate the areas where the dimensional portals are appearing within 1 hour of their arrival. It isn't much time, but the Alliance is determined to catch the mysterious criminal.

The peaceful streets of Freedom City are surprised by a strange visitation.

The police are the first responders, but are not ready for Mr Anarchy and his Punks!

A second cop takes down a punk. before being mowed down by a hail of bullets.

It has given enough time for the Alliance of Awesomeness to arrive though! Unfortunately the Converter takes a hit.

In a couple of leaps Mr Anarchy teleports to the front of the antique store
Mr Anarchy approaches the storage room.

In the street, Aphid, Converter and Tiger Girl wrestle with the punks, doing their best to avoid civilian collateral damage!

Leather Lass and Ore surround the Antique store.

Aphid helps the Converter to finally take down his opposing punk.

Converter fires at a punk but misses - scratch one SUV!

Leather Lass confronts Mr Anarchy before he can solve the puzzle of the mystery box.

Tiger Girl attempts to save a hostage but is outnumbered and knocked back by her punk opponents.

Mr Anarchy teleports away from Leather Lass and zaps her with his zappy stick.

But Ore arrives through the front door. Between them the team-mates take Mr Anarchy down. As he loses consciousness his body disappears!

Meanwhile Tiger Girls has returned to help the hostage and take down a punk. Converter blasts the punk he missed the first time.

The battle ends and the defeated punks also fade away.
It turns out that the box contained an estate that contained a puzzle locked jewellery box. From things that have been going missing, Aphid realised that this had been Mr Anarchy's target. Whatever was in it, it was too precious to be left in the back of an antique store. The Alliance of Awesomeness take it with them, to keep it protected in their secret HQ in Ironhaven. Of course, this further adds to their reputation as criminals once the store owner goes public with the missing item. Typical.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019


Real Name: Ron Mothman
Membership: Leader of the Mothmen
Relatives: none known
Place of Birth: Unknown

Base of Operations: Mobile
First Appearance: Alliance of Awesomeness #1
Background: Little is known of the background of the international terrorist Mothron. It appears that as a child he was bullied, with other students making fun of his name and physique. At some stage Mothron invented a harness that enabled him to fly, which he later adapted with wrist blasters and an exo-skeleton that augmented his strength.

Mothron committed a number of criminal acts, building up the wealth necessary to create his own personal army. It was this crime spree that attracted the superhero Aphid, who had early encounters battling Mothron. unable to apprehend Mothron, Aphid decided it was necessary to recruit some fellow super-powered people to be able to stop the growing criminal organisation. This led to the creation of the Alliance of Awesomeness, who came together just in time to stop Mothron from taking over a small Latin American country as a Base of Operations. 
Mothron was placed in prison, but subsequently released by some of his followers. He has since clashed with the Alliance of Awesomeness several times as they have moved to halt his plans. Mothron still remains at large today. 
Height: 178cm (in armour) 185cm
Weight: 85kg (in armour) 120kg
Strength: When wearing his armour Mothron possesses superhuman strength and can lift (press) 2 tonnes.
Powers and abilities: Mothron has a suit of armour which allows him flight, enhanced strength and the ability to project energy blasts. He can fly at speeds of up to 200km/h, lift up to 2 tons and project energy blasts that vary in intensity from being able to knock out a victim to blasting through a brick wall. Mothron is a skilled inventor, and has created the arms and armour of the Mothmen who serve him.

CT stats: Mothron's abilities are: Flight, Ranged Medium, Strength, Block
Move: 6", Close Combat: 2W + 1R, Ranged combat: 3W, @ 6" , Defence: 2W + 1R.


Real Name: B'reee
Membership: Alliance of Awesomeness
Relatives: none known
Place of Birth: GĂ˝skor

Base of Operations: Ironhaven, USA
First Appearance: Alliance of Awesomeness #4
Background: B'reee came to Earth as an adolescent G'ysk, known as the Baserlites. While probing some humans he discovered that he was actually quite fond of them, and declared that he thought maybe tormenting Earthlings for fun wasn't such a hilarious thing to do. All of B'reee's friends responded that he was a partypooper and excluded him from the group for the rest of the trip. B'reee continued to pay attention to the Earth and when he realised that it was in danger from the alien race Kythri, decided to travel back and warn the humans. A Kythri scout shot B'reee down and he crash-landed on Earth. The Alliance of Awesomeness were the ones who came to investigate. 

B'reee told them about the Kythri, and together they fought off the Kythri Scout party that had come to Earth to make sure that B'reee had been finished off. B'reee, referred to as Barry by the humans, then led the Alliance off-world to defeat the Kythri warlord. After this mission, Barry decided to return home, but occasionally rejoins the Alliance in their adventures. 
Height: 187cm
Weight: 95kg
Strength: Barry possesses superhuman strength due to his alien physiognomy. He can lift(press) 800kg.
Powers and abilities: Barry possesses telepathic abilities which enable him to read minds and communicate mentally. Because of the difference in G'ysk and human physiognomy, Barry's mental scans can convert into mental attacks, causing a human brain to experience pain and even render itself unconscious. 

Barry is a skilled scientist able to create devices of highly advanced capabilities form very basic technology. He was able, for instance, to build a faster than light space craft out of a washing machine, television and winnebago within 24 hours. 
CT stats: Barry's abilities are: Gadgets, Outwit, Strength, Mental Attack. resolute
Move: 6", Close Combat: 2W + 1R, Ranged combat: 3W @ 12" (all weak), Defence: 3W (1 reroll vs mental attack).

Monday, 25 February 2019


Real Name: Mickey Gonzalez
Membership: Alliance of Awesomeness
Relatives: none known
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, USA

Former aliases: Dustmaster 
Base of Operations: Ironhaven, USA
First Appearance: Alliance of Awesomeness #2
Background: Mickey Gonzalez was exposed to a meteorite that fell through the roof of his house. The meteorite contained alien life-forms that created hard rock shells for themselves from ambient dust particles. These life forms bonded with Mickey and gave him the power to create rock formations out of dust. Taking the name Dustmaster, Mickey hired himself out as a rent-a -hero, and successfully helped battle crime in his neighbourhood. Unfortunately, he didn't declare his income from super-heroing, and was captured by the FBI and IRS, and placed in prison. 

During a super-criminal breakout in his prison, Mickey was approached by Aphid, who suggested he join his team of superheroes. Mickey agreed, changing his name to Ore and learning to cover his body in a much harder and denser rock in order to appear different. Still a wanted fugitive, Mickey is able to continue his crime-fighting career as Ore alongside the Alliance of Awesomeness. 
Height: 178cm
Weight: 90kg
Strength: Ore possesses the normal strength of a man his age and build who engages in regular exercise.
Powers and abilities: In conjunction with the alien life-forms that he came into contact with, Ore has the power to take ambient dust particles and combine them top create a solid rock. This rock is incredibly strong, and can take any shape that Ore wishes it to.
It takes a conscious effort to maintain this rock and without willing them to remain in existence the formations will disintegrate back into dust after about an hour. Ore uses these rocks to cover himself in a strong armour that is able to deflect bullets, although it will not insulate him from heavy blows. 
Ore often uses rocks to create ladders and staircases, to entrap opponents, and to hurl rocks. The extent of his power to create rocks is only limited by his creatvity. 

CT stats: Ore's abilities are: Ranged long, Block, Hinder (long range), Extra movement
Move: 9", Close Combat: 3W, Ranged combat: 3W, @12", Defence: 2W + 1R.