Friday, 5 April 2019

Mr Anarchy's punks

Membership: Burp Inc
Base of Operations: Burp Towers
First Appearance: Alliance of Awesomeness #3
Background: Mr Anarchy's punks are a highly trained anarchist militia who are utterly devoted to serving him. Any operation which Mr Anarchy undertakes will have a group of these punks included to help him. With a wide range of punks with various different skills, Mr Anarchy will usually select just the right people for any mission. Due to the nature of the Dimensional shunt that enables Mr Anarchy to travel to other dimensions, it seems that he is unable to transport more than half a dozen punks to another dimension at any one time. 

Weapons and skills: The punks are well trained in the use of various firearms. Many specialise in sabotage, theft and assassination. Some are trained in martial arts, others are natural brawlers. 

CT stats: Basic Punk abilities are:  Ranged Medium
Move: 6", Close Combat: 2W, Ranged combat: 2W, @ 6" , Defence: 2W.
Heavy Weapons punk: Ranged Long
Move: 6", Close combat 2W (weak), Ranged combat: 2R @12", Defence: 2W (weak)

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